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Brasília, DF
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My first look at photography was behind the lens of an Olympus Trip 35 camera. I was still in my infancy, and I always waited anxiously for my parents to reveal the photos, and sometimes I waited for weeks to see the result of the few Clicks I've had right during family events and weekend trips and vacations. Since then, passion has grown, my eyes have matured, technologies have dominated the market, and my iPhone has become the main partner of my professional cameras in my day to day. Working with photography, brings me the pleasure of having my passion for photographic art, as my profession. No matter if it's a sporting event, a show, travels photographing animals, landscapes or people in inspiring moments, my lenses will always be there, recording everything. To have the opportunity to live in this fantastic world, and to be able to observe with my lenses the beauties of this land, its inhabitants, the works we build and the interferences we carry out, is truly an invaluable gift.

Get to know my two photographic projects. | Motorsports - Events - Shows - Photojournalism

and | Family Documentary Photography

Welcome to my journey!

F á b i o A z e v e d o



Fábio Azevedo Photography, Azv Photography ., Fotógrafo


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